Cozumel Villa Rentals! Your Caribbean Luxury Vacation in Mexico

Picture of a cozumel luxury vacation rental, white building with deep blue private pool

Believe it. There is still a luxurious outpost to be found for those intimate gatherings of dear friends and family on the serene waters of the Caribbean Sea.

At this tropical heaven, we have been happily entertaining our guests here by the true blue Caribbean Sea for decade upon decades.

We proudly maintain the same uncompromising desire to provide an intimate experience for all, in a location where elegance and luxury often choose to go barefoot!

Here upon the sea and just a 10 minute walk from the center of San Miguel (the island of Cozumel's main town), most of our luxurious Mexican villas sit graciously behind high garden walls that seem to at once both embrace the large, sleepy Villa and its gardens, nodding coconut palms, and well-kept well as somehow keeping at bay (or altering) the rest of the 21st century in our typical day-to-day lives.

It's often pretty simple to happen upon a villa staff that is honest, genuine, and have the uncanny ability to be invisibly available.

One of our favorite villas - Cini Kin Na - for example, is a beautiful seaside villa unlike any other in the Caribbean with its smoothly sculpted lines and over-sized rooms that all open wide to the outdoors with fantastic view of our 285' of private shoreline and the sea beyond. This shoreline is flanked by two private piers from which you can catch your Cozumel dive boat or fishing boat.

image of an example of a Cozumel luxury vacation villa rental home, upon the shores of beautiful Mexico

It is from these piers that you can catch your dive boat, sailboat, or fishing boat, without ever having to leave the grounds.

It is also from these cleverly hand-crafted masonry piers that you will enjoy easy and instant access to 12' (feet!) of warm Caribbean water in which you can swim and snorkel (see Cozumel Activities)the whole day away!

Alternatively, lounge upon with a friend under the cloak of a starry tropical night looking down into the clear illuminated water with its rainbow of fish swimming just below the surface.


Photo of a huge hammock, which fits two resters, in the shade of seaside palapa.  You would love this Cozumel holiday villa for rent

Casa Cini Kin Na is about intimate places such as: big soft hammocks for two in the shade of seaside palapa.

Or cushioned outdoor beds way up on a discrete rooftop terrace with a phenomenal view down into the sea!

Or how about the warm sensual feel of a smooth surface at the water's edge at sunset.

Not to mention the sometimes-heady scent of our various and wondrous gardens at night.

Here you can play endless games of the very fun - Bocce ball - on a regulation court poolside.

Here too is a very unique living room with its comfortable one-of-a-kind handmade chairs, mahogany tables, and a built in monster pillowed sofa upon which you and nine of your closest friends can sit side by side and examine your latest sea shell finds!

You can browse most villa libraries with their typically extensive selection of sea literature or access high-speed internet on our computer (Wifi is usually available for your own laptop/computer).

Cozumel's Villas for rent typically also offer a proven commercial kitchen with all of amenities you would require to produce culinary masterpieces.

Or how about this - never touch a dirty dish!

We highly recommend our guests to take the option of using an in-house meal plan designed and prepared by your own personal Chef. We have always been about excellent food.

picture of a cozumel luxury vacation rental

Come stay with us; find out why our guests keep coming back. Here is where beautiful traditions start.

picture of pool deck at night at the vacation rental villa cini kin na in beautiful Cozumel Mexico

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