Bicycling on Cozumel

Because the island of Cozumel is basically a flat slab of porous limestone covered in a dense vegetation. While being surrounded by truly spectacular water, it is truly a joy to ride a bike on. Cozumel has a maximum natural elevation of 28' above sea level. It is the perfect spot for bicycle enthusiasts of all levels. Cozumel is usually a very safe and easy island to ride on, if one stays on the paved roads and keeps a weary eye out for tourists in cars (or on mopheads).

Cozumel offers everything from that simple early morning ride into town for a N.Y. Times and a pastry or maybe even a quick snorkel(see Activities in Cozumel) at Paradise reef.

picture of bicycle on beach in beautiful Cozumel Mexico

To those somewhat longer and gnarly(er) guided treks through the mud holes and root studded attractions of Cozumel's steamy low lying jungles. These are made under the guise of visiting one of the seldom seen archeological sites in the islands interior.

There is also a great 32 mile loop around the southern half of the island, that for most is best attempted on overcast days, or in the early mornings. Only because at any other time of the day, the sun has this crazy ability to pound even the strongest souls down in about an hour and a half.

The island offers a few good high-end rental bicycles in Cozumel as well as repair shops.

For most, just a cruiser with a basket is really all that's needed. But, if you plan on going farther afield you might want to consider bringing along a wrench or two, spare tubes, and a pump as insurance against that occasional flat.

Although should you get stranded miles from town on some beautiful stretch of road by the sea, please take heart in the fact that the people of Cozumel are friendly and that you will most certainly get a ride back in to town quickly. Cini Kin Na is four minutes from the central plaza in downtown San Miguel by bicycle.

picture of cini kin na vacation rental villa in beautiful Cozumel Mexico

Notes on Bicycling

  • On longer rides, always take water.
  • Always ride with sun protection.
  • Keep an eye out for drinking tourists in cars.
  • Check the wear on your bikes tires before you rent, and have the bike shop change them out for you if need be.
  • There are usually lots of places to pull off and have a quick swim should you choose, during nearly every ride along the coast. So, don't forget to wear your swim suit!
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