Cozumel Activities - Fun on Our Beautiful Island!

Activities at Cozumel's Cini Kin Na


Snorkeling the day (or night) away together in the water out in front of Cini Kin Na, and then identifying (from one of our many marine books) all of the fish that you and your youngsters just spied in the beautiful sea.

PoolEndless games of water polo or Marco Polo in the lovely freshwater pool.

cozumel activities pool private villa picture

Hide and seek

The gardens are large enough to play big games of tag...or hide-and-seek--the version where you hide in say a hammock with an iced tea, or a margarita, or a beer and the kids count real slow to 10,000 and then come looking for you.

Bocce ball

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If you have ever played bocce ball you already know how much fun this game is for every one in the family. If your not familiar with the game get ready to have hours great fun. At Cini Kin Na we have a regulation sized bocce ball court just three steps from the pool, and both can be lit at night.

Hermit crabs

First hunt for and then race hermit crabs down on the sand at waters edge. Or entice one of our many resident iguanas over to you with a piece of watermelon after breakfast on the terrace. Yeah okay, I know it sounds boring from here, but you really have to try it there to appreciate what I'm talking about.

Kite flying

Be sure to pack a kite or two to fly on the islands east coast beaches with the kids. This is a really wonderful beach activity that has been know to eat up entire
afternoons in the blink of an eye.

Bad weather

Cini Kin Na has a wide selection of board games on hand for your evenings together or those Cozumel activity days when the weather just isn't cooperating.

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