A Guide to Cozumel Beaches Precaution Tips

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For your Cozumel beach safety!


Note that on any of Cozumel's East coast beaches intense rip-tides, under-tows, and strong currents often exist.
Some of the best ways to avoid any danger is:

  • Don't know how far into the ocean is a safe distance for you?
    Walk into the ocean until the water is as high as your ribcage.

    This rule may be flexible depending on the current status of the surf and your swimming abilities. If you are unsure of the water's nature, stay in a more shallow area.

  • Use fins while swimming, body surfing, or boogie boarding in the deep surf
    Fins give you great power in the water. If you are already a reasonably strong swimmer, they will only enhance your abilities!

  • ALWAYS swim with a friend spotting you from land

  • If you get caught in a current, don't panic or struggle!
    First and foremost, remember to breathe and keep your cool! Then, swim at an angle WITH THE CURRENT using a back or side stroke. It may take you a while to reach land, but by swimming at this angle, you are slowly breaking out of the ocean's current and returning to calmer water.

    Just remember to be patient! If you try to fight the ocean, the ocean is going to win! It will deposit you on the beach eventually.

  • Use sunscreen!
    On a sunny day the sun will burn you if you're not protected

  • The island of Cozumel's east coast is a great place to visit during those winter time "Nortes" (north winds)
    During this time, the ocean can be very calm and nearly surf free. Keep this area in mind if you're not comfortable with rough seas.

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