There are precious few things in this world that can compare to Cozumel Mexico fishing and the blissful taste of a Dorado fillet lightly pan fried in an old cast iron skillet with fresh garlic, a pinch of sea salt, and an ice cold beer.

Long before Cozumel and it's beautiful waters were recognized as a premiere destination for scuba diving and a lovely port for cruse ships the island was best known for it's laid back sport fishing. Cozumel over the years played host to some of the grandest fishing tournaments in the world and many world records have been set in these waters.

Cozumel Fishing

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Cozumel enjoys a perfect spot geographically in the Caribbean deep sea fishing-Cozumel-food chain. It is because of the nutrients that are funneled in from the thousands of reef systems that skirt the Caribbean's east coast (from Venezuela to the tip of the Yucatan) that the channel waters here between the island of Cozumel and the mainland are teaming with such a diverse range of large sport fish.

Several charter companies are available for hire on the island and most will gladly come pick you up at Cini Kin Na's south pier in the morning so you don't have to drive into town to catch your boat. The prices from one charter company to another tend to vary depending on what kind of boat you choose and how long you and your group want to stay out. Most companies will usually provide everything you need for the day; Boat, bait, mate, beverages, and a light lunch or snack. Prices can vary from as much as $280.00-$600.00 for a half day, and $480.00-$1,300 for a full day.

Please note that nearly all charter company's assume that their clients are either staying at a hotel or all-inclusive and therefore only have limited access to a kitchen in which to cook their fish. Hence on a "normal" day of fishing not only does the typical charter company make money on what the client has paid for the charter, but it usually also sails away at the end of the day with 3/4 (and sometimes all) of what the client fished for. They will in turn then sell your fish to the restaurants in town.

At Cini Kin Na we will provide you with either a cooler, or coolers, in which to keep all of your fish at days end. Or better yet, bring the whole fish back to the villa fresh and untouched and we will dress it out into fillets and steaks for you so you can enjoy all of what you paid for throughout your stay with us.

All year long the channel water between Cozumel and the Yucatan Peninsula is home to Sailfish, Swordfish, Marlin, Dorado (Mahi-mahi), Wahoo, Tuna, Red Snapper, and Grouper. The waters of Cozumel are abundent with fish.

Deep Sea Fishing-Cozumel

After 38 years of fishing in Cozumel I am still a bit unclear as to why fishing is so expensive, but I have found a few ways over the years to at least get my moneys worth out of it. Below are a few suggestions for you and your group.

-If you don't speak Spanish or Mayan make sure that your boat captain speaks English well enough that there can be no misunderstanding of what it is that you are trying to communicate during the coarse of the day.

-Inquire as to whether it's cheaper for you to supply your own food and beverages during the course of the day. If you've ordered the meal plan, Cini Kin Nas chef, "Lorena" would only be to happy to put together a great picnic for you.

-If you know what your going after, a small boat with shade is usually cheaper and much faster than a large boat.

-Make sure that the boat will be fully fuelled and crewed before it picks you up in the morning so that none of your valuable fishing time is spent doing their prep-work.

-Return with ALL OF YOUR FISH, you paid for them. Please release any fish that are addolescent (to young) as well as anything you will not personally eat.

-If you are prone to sea sickness take bonninne both the night before and then again an hour and a half prior to getting on the boat.

-Remember to wear a big hat, wear sunscreen, and drink lots of water when deep sea fishing-Cozumel Mexico.

The fishing in Cozumel is great! The best of luck to you and your party.

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