Modes of Transportation in Cozumel Mexico

Traveling on the island of Cozumel is usually easy, because the island is relatively small with dimensions that roughly measure 24 miles north to south and 11 miles east to west. The town, airport, hotels and Cozumel family friendly restaurants (see Luxury Family Vacations) as well as many of the popular beaches(see Cozumel Beaches) are all situated on the west coast so visitors can usually get to most destinations quickly.

There are several modes of travel and Cozumel transportation on the IslandCini Kin Na provides plenty of secure off street parking in our compound for all of our guests.

Transportation Cozumel


picture of board walk on beautiful beach at cozumel mexico villa

The Cozumel ferry pier is also located in the town center, but as a guest of Cini Kin Na you will be living on the water at the extreme south end of town, but the largest grocery store on the island as well as several popular restaurants, bars and discos are convienently located just a 5 minute walk away.

The historic town center with it's bright boutiques, dive shops and open air promenades is a mere 14 minutes by foot from Cini Kin Na along the sceanic seaside Malecon. The ferry pier is also located in the town center.


A ride into the center of town for up to three people in a taxi cab is 30 pesos ($3.00) and slightly more for extra passengers. Cabs can easily be caught right out in front of Cini Kin Na's entrance at any time of day.

front view of Cini Kin Na in Cozumel Mexico Villa rental

Car rental

There are several rental car agencies on the island and the prices vary depending on the time of year you are traveling to Cozumel. If you ask, there are a few of the agency's will actually deliver the car to Cini Kin Na at no extra charge for you. Be sure to check for a spare tire and jack before accepting your vehicle. A rental car for a day or two can be a wonderful way to explore the beaches on Cozumel's east coast.


Mopeds are a fun and convenient way to get around the island and can be rented cheaply from many different vendors. BUT it should be noted that more people are seriously injured or killed on Cozumel every year because of Mopeds than doing any other activity including diving. Almost always alcohol is the contributing factor. There is a helmet law for a very good reason. If you do choose this form of transportation please be very careful.


There are just a few Bicycle rental shops on Cozumel. The island is flat and very easy for bicyclists of every skill level and age. Although like Mopeds there have been many accidents on Bikes. Please ride defensively.


Cozumel enjoys one of the lowest incidents of violent crime in the caribbean and is still one of the safest islands to catch a ride with a stranger should your car, moped or bicycle break(see Bicycling) down Hitching of course is a personal choice.

Boats and Ferries

The Cozumel ferry to Playa De Carmen on the mainland leaves from the town pier every hour. Many of the dive boats and charter fishing boats will come directly to Cini Kin Na. So you can literally enjoy that last cup of coffee or bite of huevos rancheros as you watch them pull up to the pier to get you in the morning.

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