Scuba diving (see Cozumel Drift Diving) in Cozumel in the Mexican Caribbean has long been considered one of the worlds premier dive destinations for a very good reason. 

picture of coral reef with fish in beautiful cozumel mexico
Beneath its warm clear waters is a collection of some of the most varied and stupendous underwater geography's to be found anywhere in the world.  Incredibly within the distance of a mere 10 nautical miles one can dive sponge encrusted coral heads the size of apartment buildings that rise up out of white sand 130' below.  Or ridged cathedral formations with sand floored Caves and Swiss cheese swim-through. Here too is a living wall that plunges 1,000 feet into an electric indigo that is so intense it takes your breath away.  And everywhere along Cozumel's reefs are clouds of brightly colored fish gleaming in the watery light like living sequins amongst sponges and corals of every sort imaginable.  Diving Cozumel’s reefs is often an experience more akin to a dream than reality


Cozumel Scuba Diving Vacation

While over the last 25 years Cozumel has seen the arrival of the cruse ship industry as well as a construction boom its reef ecologies are still (remarkably) healthy and thriving.  This is primarily due to the fact that the island of Cozumel is located at the western edge of the Atlantic oceans North Equatorial Current which continually flushes all of the islands reefs with billions of gallons of fresh nutrient rich seawater every minute of the day.  On Cozumel it is the south western reef systems that are generally recognized as the islands true underwater jewels.  Protected by the calmer leeward channel waters most of the reefs can be reached by boat in 15-30 minutes from Cini Kin Na.  Because of the stately current that keeps this marine ecology's healthy it should be noted that ALL of the diving in Cozumel can be classified as "drift diving."   For the most part though the current is quite mellow and acts as a wonderful means of transport for the whole group and sometimes allows a diver to cover lots of ground with little or no effort on a single tank.

picture of boat on ocean at sunset in beautiful cozumel mexico
Because of the Cozumel scuba diving world wide popularity and reputation as a dive destination there can be anywhere between 120 and 200 dive operations on the island at any given time.  Finding and chartering a boat is never going to be a problem on the island.  Most dive operators will come pick you and your group up at Cini Kin Na's private south pier in the morning. 

Scuba Diving Cozumel

While I won't recommend any dive company over another on the island, below are a few suggestions to help you make your decisions about who to hire.

-Make certain that your dive guide/master has his or her certification.

-How long has the boat captain been a boat captainIs he/she alert?

-Find a company that has been is business on the island for at least 10 years with the same owner.

-Make sure your dive guide speaks your language well enough to communicate abstract ideas.

-Does the company use small fast boats (6-10 people) with a bimini for sun protection?

-If renting gear, is the companies gear well maintained and in good condition?

-Make sure the dive boat will pick you up and drop you off at Cini Kin Na's pier.  It really makes for an effortless trip!

Here's a remarkable place for you to dream after a day of scuba diving in Cozumel as well.

My Mom was a mermaid and my Dad, a sea monsterBack in the 1970's they created Cini Kin Na out of their deep and abiding love for each other as well as a poetic way to physically honor the bright beautiful Caribbean sea that they both so cherished so much.   The villa of Cini Kin Nais a graceful dwelling dreamed up by two happy souls whose love for the bright waters around The island of Cozumel needed a place to call home.

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