At first glance it might seem as though, while shopping in Cozumel, several of the stores, stalls, and shops in Cozumel appear to be identically loaded with the same never ending selection of T-shirts, onyx, and silver.

It's nothing personal, this phenomenon occurs mainly because the cruse ship industry that for the most part drives a lot Cozumel's economy somehow encourages many of these slightly tacky generic vendors to supply with the things that I guess seem to appeal to cruse ship passengers the most.

Take heart because despite this unfortunate trend there are still lots of charming boutiques and soulful shops full of character and class where the proprietors have chosen to stock some genuinely unique and novel goods. Some of which are quite reasonably priced, and some. ridiculously over-priced. I always recommend shopping at night because the heat of the day has passed and the local flavor (especially on Sunday evenings)of cozumel is more prevalent.

The private villa of Cini Kin Na is located quite close to both the towns Central Plaza and Punta Langosta, which are arguably Cozumel's premier shopping districts. Once you've completed your shopping mission hurry right back to us and lock the door, make a margarita or crack a cold one and jump in the pool (see Cozumel Activities).

Cozumel Mexico Shopping

picture of colorful scarfs in a shop in beautiful Cozumel Mexico

The historic Central Plaza is just a 4 minute cab ride (or a 15 minute walk) from Cini Kin Na and offers all of the shopping in Cozumel you would expect from a thriving Caribbean port town. Here you will find lots of variety in both the retailer and the wares and get a feel for what traditional shopping in Mexico is like.

On the Plaza one can brows the various open air stalls as well as the elegant and artful boutiques that inhabit some of the older facades dating back to the 1920's.

Here you can bargain for 10 minutes with vendors for a $20.00 silver bracelet. By a box of Chiclets from a old-timey bicyclitaro who's kiosk is the front of his bike. Here too you can find entertainment in a dazzelingly bright store from a suave gentleman in a black tie as quietly explains the reasons why his diamonds are one of the best investments you will ever make in your life.

It is also near the Plaza and it's wonderful whirl of activity that you might do business with that interesting character the corner..."Pssst-Hey? Hey...wanna buy some black coral real cheep? The Plaza and the streets that radiate off of it offer great clothing stores, cigar shops, jewelry stores, boutiques full of fabric, ceramics and local art. Many resuraunts also sell local artist who's work hangs on their walls.

Punta Langosta is only a 1 minute cab ride (or a 10 minute walk) from Cini Kin Na, and it offers a wider selection of higher end retail shops and is part of a complex that is directly adjacent to one of three international piers on the island.

Besides being home to a few very well know and popular bars in Cozumel, Punta Langosta is almost exclusively directed at people with slightly deeper pockets. There are a few very good jewelry stores in Punta Langosta that offer some wonderful contemporary twists on traditional Mexican Jewelry.

Cozumel Shops

The folks who call Cozumel home generally do all of their shopping away from the tourist districts at many different specialty stores or pocket vendors that are usually located several blocks inland from the water.

Here state of the art LG brand appliances and electronics can actually be found at great prices in many of these local stores, as well as some great tech support to service them.

Here too are local shops selling sometimes very cool clothing with little or unknown Mexican labels. The local furniture stores as well as th local hardware stores and landscape nursery's are always worth a look around. These local stores and markets are the "real deal" and all them have heart.

Please note that by far the best thing you will ever find when shopping in Cozumel is what you are in the process of obtaining right now by reserving Cini Kin Na and purchasing your airline ticket to Cozumel. This is an experience that is yours and yours forever. It doesn't fade, rip, or break, and it can never be taken away from you.

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