The Weather in Cozumel Mexico


Cini Kin Na and the island of Cozumel is located in the northern tropics, which contributes to the Cozumel weather. Cini Kin Na is just below the tropic of cancer. It lays in a roughly north east to south west orientation 16 miles off of the north east coast of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

The weather of Cozumel is predominantly driven by the intense tropical sun and the North Equatorial Current that is strongest in the Caribbean as it runs between Cuba (to the east) and the mainland (to the west) right at Cozumel's location.

Weather in Cozumel

Because Cozumel is situated in the tropical Caribbean it enjoys an average temperature of 86 degrees F. during the days and 78 degrees F. during the night. And because of it's relatively close proximity to the Yucatan peninsula with its deep forests (4th largest in the world) and their ability to generate and capture cloud Cozumel enjoys a moderate monsoon -"rainy"- season between the months of May and October.

It should be noted that most of these dramatic cloud bursts tend to last for only 45 minutes or so and generally happen in the cooler evening hours, scrubbing the air clean for another perfect sunny day.

The Hurricane season on Cozumel is typically between the months of July and November when the ocean temperatures are at their highest due to solar warming. For the most part the Hurricanes in the Caribbean sea and Atlantic ocean tend to start as counter-clockwise rotating eddies of air in the mountains of Ethiopia that are directed across the Atlantic ocean by the Northeast Trade Winds.

It's those same Trade Winds that actually carry a small quantity of sand every year from the Sahara desert in Africa to the beaches of Cozumel Mexico(see Cozumel Beaches).. While Hurricane's sometimes do occur between July and November it should also be said that this still very rare, and that this is in fact the very best time to visit because the Caribbean sea is at it's warmest, and visibility tends to be at it's best, and the air is usually quite still. The days are long and nearly everything is in bloom

The Cozumel weather forecast is: quite warm and friendly. The driest months on Cozumel are between December and April and with the exception of the occasional "Norte", or North Wind. It is for this reason that for decades Cozumel has been the "quick fix" for those with the wintertime blues.

Cozumel Mexico Weather

The Villa of Cini Kin Na was built over 30 years ago based on a centuries old Mayan design called the "La Chosa"(see Cozumel villa rental) form. It is designed to work physically with the Cozumel Mexico weather and the coast it sits upon and the beautiful sea that it sits before. It opens up to the outside during the days and invites the seasons in. It's vast palapas and thick masonry walls allow the villa to breath and cool on the hottest of days and shelter it well in the worst of storms. There is nothing like the sound of rain on palapa to sooth the spirit.

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