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Cozumel is Lesbian and Gay Friendly

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Cozumel Gay Lesbian Travel in Caribbean Mexico

If you are looking for a gay friendly vacation rental - the island of Cozumel has long been home to a international lesbian and gay community. Who, like every one else, that calls Cozumel "home", seem to have been swallowed whole and integrated into the islands general population without so much as a blink.

While there are no exclusively gay or lesbian establishments on the island, it should be noted that it is only because the need to be "exclusive" just doesn't really exist here. But take heart in the fact that several of the restaurants', dive shops, and Boutiques are indeed gay / lesbian owned and operated and that the climate on the island tends to continue to be a warm and progressive one.

Perhaps it has something to do with the turquoise water, the rich earth or maybe it's the brilliant sunshine in this particular corner of the world. But, for the most part, the island of Cozumel has always been a destination where gay and lesbian couples searching for that exceptional water and sunshine to play in don't normally get a second glance.

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While strolling hand in hand through town or sharing a public kiss on the Malecon. On Cozumel the very nature of the words "on vacation" seems to ring true for all.

Gay Lesbian Vacations - Come to Cozumel Mexico!

On the Island of Cozumel's west coast, and anchored gracefully behind tall garden walls at the waters edge, is a private villa. A remarkable seaside destination, who's smooth sensual architecture and thick sculpted walls underscore a tropical elegance quite unlike any other. Gay vacations to Mexico come alive when vacationing at Cini Kin Na. It is the real deal.

A gracious, sea worthy, dwelling nestled in mature sleepy gardens. Where iguanas and sea birds roam amongst nodding coconut palms. Here, just steps from the Caribbean sea, you will find that laughing hard with friends, while living casually in the lap of luxury of this fully staffed home is as natural and effortless as breathing.

Cini Kin Na is a large five bedroom villa with stupendous ocean views! You will enjoy 285 feet of private shoreline and two private piers from which you can swim and snorkel (see Cozumel Activities)swim and snorkel the day away, or catch your dive boat from.

Our guests also enjoy a wonderful fresh water swimming pool on the large terrace between the house and sea. Here too is a regulation sized Bocce Ball court that begs to prove that this is the best beach game ever invented.

Even with the largest of groups, Cini Kin Na offers lots of private places to get away to be alone or share with a friend. Like our beach palapas with their big soft hammocks, that can accommodate two lazy bodies as easily as one.

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Or try the secluded rooftop sun terrace, with it's extraordinary view of the water and comfortable built in beds that offers the perfect private place for you and your companion(s) to catch that solid tan.

Gay and Lesbian Caribbean Vacations - Come Enjoy Cozumel!


We are about your peaceful freedoms as well as the pursuit of your personal bliss. For over thirty years Cini Kin Na has been a physical celebration of life, love, and companionship by the sea.

A one of a kind water retreat, whose graceful curves have been gently embracing a very long string of intimate moments with dear friends and family. While effortlessly holding the rest of the world at bay.