picture of beautiful luxury villa in cozumel mexico

The villa of Cini Kin Na is the perfect large group villa. It was conceived with the idea that a large group of family and/or friends could get together and share the intimate and trouble free experience of a lifetime in a very private setting by the Caribbean sea.  For parties of eight-ten this remarkable 5 bedroom/5 1/2 bath villa(which sleeps up to 14 guests quite comfortably) tends to be perfect.  

Large Group Vacation Rental

Groups of eight tend to be small enough that in most circumstances the "group dynamic" is still one of intimacy, yet large enough that the group can be perceived as a force to be reckoned with.  As a group of eight you will find that it's still easy to get a table (2 pushed together) at most restaurants.  As a group of eight you can fill up a small fast dive boat (see Cozumel Scuba Diving) perfectly thereby nearly guaranteeing you a very private and personalized dive.  

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As a group of eight if every one is splitting the cost of the large group villa rental as well as its excellent meal plan. The total money spent by weeks end is quite comparable to what the group would have spent at one of the islands decent hotels or all inclusive resorts.  But here is where any and all similarities to what you as a group of eight would get at a hotel end.

Large Group Villa

picture of large bedroom of villa in beautiful cozumel mexico

Cini Kin Na comes staffed with: A Majordomo to make sure the villa runs smoothly. A Chef to keep your taste buds bliss throughout your stay.  A housekeeper to make up your rooms and beds whenever you choose to roll out of them in the morning.  A gardener who lovingly keeps the grounds, gardens, and pool, beautiful. 

And unlike a hotel, at Cini Kin Na the pool and kitchen are ALWAYS open...And so are your 285' of private shoreline where you can swim, snorkel (see Cozumel Activities), and explore the day away. We have two private piers with convenient water entries and exits, the south pier were your dive boat will come pick you up in the morning after breakfast on the terrace

rinse tank that's big enough for all 8 peoples dive gear (see Cozumel Drift Diving) to soak in together.  A large freshwater swimming pool is situated literally just a few steps from the dwellingTwo seaside palapas with big soft hammocks in which to laze in the shade with a friend while listening to the sea sing its saltwater song. 

picture of bocce ball court in beautiful cozumel mexico cini kin na vacation villa
A regulation sized Bocce Ball court is situated just steps from our beautiful freshwater pool.  The living room and dinning room (like the rest of the villa) are one of a kind space with high thatched roofs that soar overhead.  A library/study with high speed internet access and Wi-Fi as well as a book exchange are located off of the courtyard

The entire Villa opens up to huge views of the sea and gardens and invites the tropical air in all day long.  Here there is plenty of room and diversions for all.  

Whether all of you are alone in the large group villa together toasting each other on the terrace before (yet another) bigger than life sunset upon the Caribbean spread out before you.  Or you're all cozyed up on the 3rd floor sundecks big day beds enjoying (somehow) an even better view of the sea.  This very private and very beautiful sea home belongs solely to your group of eight to laugh, love, and play in. 

picture of beautiful vacation villa in cozumel mexico roof top sundecks

It is our aim to make sure that the good feeling you get at Cini Kin Na will last inside of your hearts for a long long time after you've left us.    

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