Best Vacation Spots for Lesbians

The elegant villa of Cini Kin Na on the island of Cozumel is the perfect seaside getaway for lesbian travel destinations. Located right on the brilliant blue waters of the Mexican Caribbean Cini Kin Na is a forward thinking private estate with plenty of room for you and your companion to unwind, laugh, love, and play hard together for days on end. At Cini Kin Na our entire staff is truly committed to providing all of you with the perfect background for a one of a kind vacation by the sea.

Lesbian Travel Destinations

Cozumels Long and Beautiful Tradition of Women

While nearby "Isla Mujeres" is known as the "Island of women" and hence draws many a lesbian traveler to it. It might interest you to know that the history surrounding the island of Cozumel is pure WOMAN.

In pre-Colombian time Cozumel was known throughout the Mayan civilization as the spirtual center for women. Women would travel to Cozumel from far and wide across the land to consult with priestess-Shamans, Curanderas, and Brujas who lived on the island.

Cozumel was, and is, an island of spiritual fertility and rich creativity. It is the best vacation spots for lesbians. Perhaps because of this rich venus history at it's roots-todays cozumel is home to a large lesbian and Gay community (see Gay Luxury Travel) that has been seamlessly integrated into the islands population without so much as a raised eyebrow. Good for Cozumel.

The Villa-Lesbian Vacation Rentals

picture of lesbian couple in beautiful cozumel mexico cini kin na vacation villa

Cini Kin Na dreams quietly amongst nodding coconut palms behind tall garden walls that offer you a truly secure and privateexperience by the sea.

From the smooth hand polished concret floors and sensualwalls to the feel of warm honeyed mahogany that inlays a mosaic of chipped sascab, the open air Villa and it's grounds were desiged with materials and textures that beg for the touch of bare feet.

There are 5 beautiful bedrooms (4 of them with sensational sea views) and each with it's own bathroom. A very private sundeck with two large beds that looks out over the grounds and sea.

The 285' of private shorline and great snokeling day or night. Two private piers, the south pier is where your dive boat will pick you up in the morning after breakfast on the terrace.

A large tiled fresh water pool with a great view of the sea. A bocce ball court (see Cozumel Activities) that can be illumitated at nightfor some of those endless games. Two shady palapas by the water with soft hammocks that are big enough for both of you as you laze in the shade and listen to the sea singing its lullaby.

picture of hammock in beautiful Cozumel Mexico

And while it feels as though you are perhaps a world away from everything but each other here behind our walls, Cini Kin Na is just a short 5 minute walk to the best grocery store on the island. And only a 15 minute walk (4 minute cab ride) to the town centers historic plaza and it'sselection of restaurants, bars, boutiques, and shops.

We have an extremely friendly and forward thinking Mayan staff that have been with us for decades. All of them have thisuncanny ability of being invisibly available and for the most part only seem to appear just when you might need them most.

This of course tends to offer you exactly the private and trouble free experience you deserve on your vacation. We truly know how important this time is to you and all of us at Cini Kin Na want make sure the best parts of your stay with us live long in you hearts.

picture of dining room at cini kin na vacation villa in beautiful cozumel mexico

Cini Kin Na offers you an exceptional meal plan that rivals (and in most cases blows the doors off of) most restaurants on the island. The advatages beyond the food quality is that over the couse of a week, we are cheaper. You don't have touch a dirty dish for your entire stay.

Our morning and afternoon meals are served outside on the terrace under the palms in a location that no other restaurant can rival. And here with the exception of our signature Chili Rellenos (which takes 2 days to create) all of the food you eat is prepared for you meal by meal every day and from market fresh ingredients by our in house chef Lorena.

If you and your companion are truly looking for a one of a kind tropical lesbian travel destinations vacation in a beautiful hang-up-free Villa, You have found the right spot. Here the freedom you and your companion deserve can be enjoyed together near the clear blue sea under a bright yellow sun.

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