Fun Things to Do in Cozumel Mexico

What to do in Cozumel, you ask? The island of Cozumel has long been a destination for those with an affinity for the water

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Swimming, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving in Cozumel Mexico's Waters!

While Cozumel has long been known for its world class scuba diving (see Scuba Diving) on a widely diverse range of reef systems in water of unusual clarity, and in more recent times; as just another beautiful port on the Caribbean cruise ship circuit, it must be said that Cozumel has always been the island of choice for those who want to play in bright beautiful water under the Mayan sun.  Cozumel's history of play (see Cozumel Activities) is as grand as all of its contemporary diversions:

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Swim, Scuba Dive, or Snorkel in some of the most beautiful sea water on planet Earth.

Frolic on miles of wild beaches (see Cozumel Beaches) on the islands East side

Enjoy on the tamer "civilized" beaches on Cozumel's west side.

Surfing and Cozumel: Wind Surf, Body Surf, Boogie board, and Kite Board

Or just fly a kite along a beautiful strand of white powdery sand.

Ride a bike (see Bicycling) around the island. 

Ride a moped around the island. 

Drive a car (see Transportation Mode) around the island.

Explore the Mayan ruins that dot both coasts as well as both ends and the middle of Cozumel.

Hike or mountain bike the thick low steaming jungles of Cozumel's interior.

Build sand castles, play Bocce ball, doze in a big hammock, read a trashy book.

Watch, sunset after beautiful sunset all week long from your Cozumel villa's terrace.

Sunset - Cozumel Mexico
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